A Laboratory Evaluation of Asphaltic Concrete Containing Asphadur, MLR-78-2, 1978

(1978) A Laboratory Evaluation of Asphaltic Concrete Containing Asphadur, MLR-78-2, 1978. Transportation, Department of


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This report describes a laboratory evaluation of three asphaltic concrete, plant produced mixtures containing Asphadur. The mixtures represent a type A asphaltic concrete and two type B asphaltic concretes. The type A and one of the type B mixtures were used in pavements and will be evaluated later for durability and serviceability. The second type B mixture was made only for laboratory testing. In each instance, control batches of the same mixtures but without Asphadur were made for comparison. Type A is a high type asphaltic concrete, requires a minimum of 65 percent crushed particles and is generally used for higher traffic volume roads. Type B is used for intermediate or lower traffic volumes and requires a minimum of 30 percent crushed particles.

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Keywords: Asphalt concrete, Asphalt mixtures, Crushed aggregates, Durability, Laboratory tests, Traffic volume
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