Embankment Quality, TR-401, Phase I, 1998

(1998) Embankment Quality, TR-401, Phase I, 1998. Transportation, Department of


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Phase I was initiated as a result of internal Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) studies that raised concerns about the quality of embankments being constructed. Some large embankments have recently developed slope stability problems. In addition, pavement roughness has been noted shortly after roads were opened to traffic. This raised the question as to whether the current Iowa DOT embankment construction specifications are adequate. The primary objective of Phase I was to evaluate the quality of embankments being constructed under the current Iowa DOT specifications. The project was initiated in May 1997 with a tour of several embankment projects being constructed around the state. At each of these projects the resident construction engineer, field inspector, and contractor were interviewed with respect to their opinion of the current specifications. From construction observations and discussion during these visits it became obvious that there were problems with the current embankment construction specifications. Six embankment projects were selected for in-depth analysis and to represent the full range of soil types being used across the state. The results of Phase I field and laboratory construction testing and observations and post construction testing are presented in this report. Overall evaluation of the results of Phase I indicate that Iowa is not consistently obtaining a quality embankment constructed under the current Iowa DOT specifications. Based on these results, recommendations are made for Phase II to evaluate alternative specifications and develop rapid field methods for compaction control and soil identification.

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