Correlation of Locally-based Performance of Asphalts with Their Physicochemical Parameters, HR-298, 1990

(1990) Correlation of Locally-based Performance of Asphalts with Their Physicochemical Parameters, HR-298, 1990. Transportation, Department of


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This project was undertaken to study the relationships between the performance of locally available asphalts and their physicochemical properties under Iowa conditions with the ultimate objective of development of a locally and performance-based asphalt specification for durable pavements. Physical and physicochemical tests were performed on three sets of asphalt samples including: (a) twelve samples from local asphalt suppliers and their TFOT residues, (b) six core samples of known service records, and (c) a total of 79 asphalts from 10 pavement projects including original, lab aged and recovered asphalts from field mixes, as well as from lab aged mixes. Tests included standard rheological tests, HP-GPC and TMA. Some specific viscoelastic tests (at 5 deg C) were run on b samples and on some a samples. DSC and X-ray diffraction studies were performed on a and b samples. Furthermore, NMR techniques were applied to some a, b and c samples. Efforts were made to identify physicochemical properties which are correlated to physical properties known to affect field performance. The significant physicochemical parameters were used as a basis for an improved performance-based trial specification for Iowa to ensure more durable pavements.

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Keywords: Asphalt, Correlation analysis, Diffraction, Durability, Nuclear magnetic resonance, Performance, Performance based specifications, Physical properties, Physicochemical properties, Rheological properties, Specifications, Viscoelasticity, X rays, Field performance, X-ray diffraction
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