Ranking of HMA Moisture Sensitivity Tests in Iowa, RB00-012, 2012

(2012) Ranking of HMA Moisture Sensitivity Tests in Iowa, RB00-012, 2012. Transportation, Department of


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Several agencies specify AASHTO T283 as the primary test for field acceptance of moisture susceptibility in hot mix asphalt. When used in this application, logistical difficulties challenge its practicality, while repeatability is routinely scrutinized by contractors. An alternative test is needed which can effectively demonstrate the ability to screen mixtures based on expected performance. The ideal replacement can be validated with field performance, is repeatable, and allows for prompt reporting of results. Dynamic modulus, flow number, AASHTO T283, Hamburg wheel tracking device (HWTD), and the moisture induced sensitivity test (MIST) were performed on plant produced surface mixes in Iowa. Follow-up distress surveys were used to rank the mixes by their performance. The rankings indicate both the quantity of swelling from MIST conditioning and submersed flow number matched the performance ranking of all but one mixture. Hamburg testing parameters also appear effective, namely the stripping inflection point and the ratio between stripping slope and the creep slope. Dynamic modulus testing was ineffective, followed by AASHTO T283 and ratios produced from flow number results of conditioned samples.

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Keywords: Asphalt, Hot mix asphalt, Moisture content, Moisture damage, AASHTO T283, Hamburg wheel tracking device, Moisture induced sensitivity test, MIST, HMA
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