Improving Traffic Safety Culture in Iowa – Phase II, July 2013

(2013) Improving Traffic Safety Culture in Iowa – Phase II, July 2013. Transportation, Department of


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Phase II of Improving Traffic Safety Culture in Iowa focuses on producing actions that will improve the traffic safety culture across the state, and involves collaboration among the three large public universities in Iowa: Iowa State University, University of Northern Iowa, and University of Iowa. More specifically, this second phase synthesizes the expert opinions solicited in Phase I with prevailing public views and/or opinions gathered from a follow-up survey on Iowa’s 2000 public opinion survey, which the University of Northern Iowa, Center for Social and Behavioral Research, administered. More recent data on the opinions of Iowans and of people nationally contrasted with past data will help better define the public’s position on top safety culture issues. This, in turn, will provide a better basis for developing actionable, fundable, and ultimately successful strategies that will make a tangible difference in improving traffic safety in Iowa.

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