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Unless specifically exempted, a certificate of registration is required to operate an aircraft in Iowa (in addition to being registered with the FAA). Aircraft registration laws are defined in Iowa Code Chapter 328. A general summary follows: Iowa residents and businesses must register an aircraft unless it is continuously located and operated beyond the boundaries of the state. Nonresident owners of aircraft providing the intrastate transportation of persons or property for compensation, the furnishing of services for compensation, or intrastate transportation of merchandise in Iowa, must register aircraft with the Iowa DOT prior to conducting those operations. Other visitors are exempt from registering aircraft in Iowa as long as their aircraft are not operated or controlled in the state for more than 30 days a year. Annual registration fees are based on aircraft age, original manufactured list price, and its type of use (personal or business). A one-time six percent use tax on the purchase price of the aircraft is collected at the time of registration. Aircraft registration fees (and aviation fuel taxes) are deposited into a State Aviation Fund to help fund aviation programs in Iowa such as airport development projects, the automated weather observing system (AWOS), runway markings, and windsocks

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