Feasibility Study on Proposed Amtrak service from Chicago, to Iowa City, Iowa via Quad Cities, December 5, 2007

(2007) Feasibility Study on Proposed Amtrak service from Chicago, to Iowa City, Iowa via Quad Cities, December 5, 2007. Transportation, Department of


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Soon after the Illinois Department of Transportation (“Ill. DOT”) requested Amtrak to conduct a feasibility study on proposed Amtrak service between Chicago and the Illinois Quad Cities, the Iowa Department of Transportation (“Iowa DOT”) asked that the study be extended to Iowa City and later to Des Moines. This report examines the feasibility of extending service to Iowa City. The completed report for the proposed Chicago – Quad Cities’ service was delivered to Ill. DOT in early January 2008. It assumes a stand-alone train operation strictly within the State of Illinois and makes no reference to extending the service into the State of Iowa. Therefore, there is no discussion about potential cost sharing allocations for capital improvements or operating losses between the two states which will become a matter of future negotiations between the two jurisdictions. That being said, this report on extending the service to Iowa City is simply an addendum to the Quad Cities report and covers such topics as additional capital infrastructure improvements that would be required in Iowa, impacts on operating expenses, revised ridership and revenue projections, and the like. With one minor exception, the recommended level of capital improvements within Illinois will still be required if the service to Iowa City is initiated. It is thus important for the readers of this report to refer to the Illinois study for detailed information on that state’s portion of the route alternatives.

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