Protection of Structural Concrete Substructures, HR-220, December 1992

(1992) Protection of Structural Concrete Substructures, HR-220, December 1992. Transportation, Department of


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In the past, many pier columns were deteriorating due to attack by chlorides. The chloride (from deicers) has attacked the substructures by drainage from the superstructure. Piers supporting grade separation bridges are also subject to chlorides contained in the direct splash from lower level traffic. Repairs of these piers are both difficult and costly. In this project, four different sealants were applied to piers to evaluate their use in the protection of the concrete against chloride-ions. One pier was left untreated to use as a control pier with which to compare the protected piers. This project began in 1980 and was to be completed in 1985, but at that time it was determined further testing was needed to make a more conclusive evaluation.

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