Iowa Registered Highway Route 1914-1925

(2001) Iowa Registered Highway Route 1914-1925. Transportation, Department of


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There were few guides for travelers crossing Iowa in 1838 when it was organzied as a teritory, and traveler often becaome lost or wandered for out of their way. The 1838 Territorial Government authorized the first state roads and the federal government appropriated money to expedite the movement of soldiers. The Territorial governement ued the federal money for layin gout a road from Dubuque to Keokuk vis Iowa City and this was the beginning of what was to becaome a 112,000 mile system of roads and streets in Iowa. The original roads followed the high ground of the state and were known as ride roads; but as the state was settled, roads befan to follow section line to accomodate landowners.

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