Home Tightening, Insulation and Ventilation, 2011

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The average Iowa family spends more than half of its annual household energy bill on heating and cooling. That’s a significant number, but you can dramatically reduce these costs—up to 20 percent, according to ENERGY STAR®—by making some simple energy-saving weatherization and insulation improvements to your home. In addition—with a little attention to proper ventilation—you can protect your home from moisture damage year-round, reduce problems caused by ice dams on the roof during the winter and significantly cut summer cooling costs. As a bonus, these projects can extend the life of your home and may increase the resale value of your property. If you like to fix things around the house, you can handle many of the projects suggested in this book and make the most of your energy-improvement budget. However, don’t hesitate to call a professional for help if you’d rather not do the work yourself; the dollars gained through energy savings in upcoming years will be worth the expense.

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