TIME-21 Funding Analysis A report to the Iowa Legislature, per Section 26, Senate File 2420, 82nd General Assembly

(2008) TIME-21 Funding Analysis A report to the Iowa Legislature, per Section 26, Senate File 2420, 82nd General Assembly. Transportation, Department of

PDF (TIME-21 Funding Analysis, A report to the Iowa Legislature, per Section 26,Senate File 2420, 82nd General Assembly )

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The 82nd General Assembly of the Iowa legislature, in Section 26 of Senate File 2420, required the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) to conduct an analysis of TIME-21 funding. Specifically the legislation requires the following: “The department of transportation shall conduct an analysis of the additional revenues necessary to provide at least two hundred million dollars annually to the TIME-21 fund by FY 2011-2012. The analysis shall include but is not limited to the amount of excise tax levied on motor fuel and adjustments that might be made to various fees collected by the department in order to create an appropriate balance of taxes and fees paid by Iowa drivers and out-of-state drivers. The department shall submit a report to the governor and the general assembly on or before December 31, 2008, regarding its analysis.” As a starting point to this analysis, a reassessment of long-range needs and revenues (including the estimated $200 million most critical annual unmet needs) was made. This was done by assessing changing trends in roadway conditions, revenue and construction costs since the original Study of Iowa’s Current Road Use Tax Funds (RUTF) and Future Road Maintenance and Construction Needs was completed December 2006.

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