2003 Annual Report 




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  Iowa Community Empowerment Overview

  Letter from State Board Chair

  State Governances

Iowa Empowerment Board Overview
Iowa Empowerment Board Membership
FY 2004 Leadership Agenda
Iowa Community Empowerment Funding Summary

  Local Governance

Community Empowerment Area Overview
Empowerment Timeline
Early Childhood Funding History
School Ready Funding History
Early Childhood 2004 Projected Expenses
School Ready 2004 Projected Expenses

  Collaboration to Build an Early Care, Health and Education System

Building a System Overview
System Building Products

  Results Accountability

Results Overview
Healthy Children Result
Children Ready to Succeed in School Result
Safe and Supportive Communities Result
Secure and Nurturing Families Result
Secure and Nurturing Child Care Environments Result
Indicator Comparisons
State and Community Demographic and Indicator Profiles

  Performance Accountability

Community Performance Measures Overview
Healthy Children Performance Measures
School Ready Performance Measures
Safe and Supportive Communities Performance Measures
Secure and Nurturing Families Performance Measures
Secure and Nurturing Child Care Environments Performance Measures

  Advocating for Iowa's Young Children and their Families

Advocating Overview
Supporting Early Childhood in Iowa
Showcase Reports from the Community Empowerment Areas




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