Iowa Research with Chem-Crete Bitumen: Final Report Iowa Highway Research Board Project HR-226, June 1986

(1986) Iowa Research with Chem-Crete Bitumen: Final Report Iowa Highway Research Board Project HR-226, June 1986. Transportation, Department of


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With the spiraling cost of construction, coupled with inflation, engineers must develop and research new techniques to better utilize the public's dollar. One area i n which these new technologies must be researched is in the field of highway construction; more specifically, asphalt products. There are areas within the state of Iowa which do not have Class I aggregate readily available for asphalt concrete road construction. The cost of transporting higher quality aggregate specified in the "Standard Specifications for Highway and Bridge construction"' for construction projects is escalating on a yearly basis. Many counties will be squeezed out of the construction of new roadways if an alternative to the high costs is not identified. The same high costs will curtail adequate upkeep on the existing paved system and will result in decreased serviceability. For this reason, a product is needed to better utilize the local aggregates for road construction and maintenance. There i s a product on the market which the promoters claim will improve the prer?nt asphalt to such a degree as to "upgrade deficient aggregates" to the level they can be used in today's standard construction techniques. This product is "Chem-Crete Bitumen," a'kpecially refined asphalt" that was promoted by Chem-Crete Corporation of Menlo Park, California. Chemkrete Technologies, Inc. of Wickliffe, Ohio; a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lubrizol Corporation has since purchased the U.S.

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