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Are you a pilot or interested in becoming one?
Below we have provided some information and links we hope you will find helpful. 

Iowa Airports
Iowa has 8 commercial service airports and 105 general aviation airports. Click here to view an interactive map of Iowa's municipal and commercial airports.

See what you can do so "You Can Fly"
Have you ever thought about becoming a pilot?  Find out what it takes!

Your first step should be to talk to as many pilots as possible. There are years of experience waiting for you when you start a conversation with a pilot.

Visit these website below to get more detail on how to become a pilot:


Click below to hear from others who are learning to fly:

Flight School Information
Make your dream of becoming a pilot a reality.  A flight school will give you the training you will require for your pilot's license.
Find the flight school closest to you.


Weather Links
The weather plays an important role in flying.  Being aware of what you will face during your flights is of utmost importance.  Find the weather information you need.

IPilot Links


Wing Nut

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