State of Iowa Department of Administrative Services Human Resource Enterprise: Review of State Hiring Practices, April 30, 2007

(2007) State of Iowa Department of Administrative Services Human Resource Enterprise: Review of State Hiring Practices, April 30, 2007. Administrative Services


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The State of Iowa and the Hiring Practices Working Group commissioned this review of the State’s hiring practices in response to recent concerns about these practices involving racial discrimination claims against the Departments of Human Services, Transportation, and Iowa Workforce Development. The State of Iowa should be commended for undertaking this review. The State has a longstanding Affirmative Action Program and commitment to diversity – they instituted their Affirmative Action Program in 1973, and continue their commitment to its success by making the changes necessary to ensure the program is viable and sustainable. Iowa Department of Administrative Services In July 2003, the State created the Iowa Department of Administrative Services (DAS) as a way to manage and coordinate the major resources of state government. DAS provides human resource services through an entrepreneurial management model. Entrepreneurial management is a customer-focused approach to delivering services. The customer departments have input about what services and products they want from DAS and in turn DAS is funded by the customer departments through purchases of DAS services and products. DAS looks to offer new and additional services (for example recruitment support and coordination) to various customers on a fee-for-service basis. A customer council is charged with approving the DAS business plan, establishing the rate for services, and reviewing service delivery and complaints. Under this entrepreneurial model, human resource services are provided by DAS-HRE (Human Resources Enterprise) central staff, 12 DAS-HRE Personnel Officers located at the customer departments, and customer agency staff. The majority of the recruitment and hiring functions are done by the customer (hiring) departments and their staff. Applications for employment are submitted using the BrassRing system with applicants being qualified by DAS-HRE employees. Since the creation of Human Resources Enterprise, DAS-HRE has strived to provide human resource tools to the departments. The Screening Manual and the Supervisor’s Manual are just two examples of the resources created for the hiring departments. They also provide Supervisor Training for newly appointed supervisors. Larger departments have dedicated staff assigned to human resource activities. The staff at the departmental level may or may not have a human resources background. Iowa Population and Workforce The 2000 U.S. Census indicated that Iowa’s population was 2,926,324. According to this census, 92.6 percent of Iowa’s population identified their race as white (alone). The nonwhite alone or minority population (including Black or African American, Asian, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino, American Indian or Alaska Native, two or more races, or some other race) was 7.4 percent.

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