Iowa Public Library Statistics, July 2006-June 2007

(2006) Iowa Public Library Statistics, July 2006-June 2007. Library of Iowa, State


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The 2006-2007 (FY07) edition of Iowa Public Library Statistics includes information on income, expenditures, collections, circulation, and other measures, including staff. Each section is arranged by size code, then alphabetically by city. The totals and percentiles for each size code grouping are given immediately following the alphabetical listings. Totals and medians for all reporting libraries are given at the end of each section. There are 543 libraries included in this publication; 530 submitted a report. The table of size codes (page 6) lists the libraries alphabetically. The libraries in each section of the publication are listed by size code, then alphabetically by city. The following table lists the size code designations, the population range in each size code, the number of libraries reporting in each size code, and the total population of the reporting libraries in each size code. The total population served by the 543 libraries is 2,248,279. Population data is used to determine per capita figures throughout the publication.

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