Annual Report, Fiscal Years 2004 - 2006

(2006) Annual Report, Fiscal Years 2004 - 2006. Administrative Services


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DAS was established on July 1, 2003, by consolidating the departments of General Services, Information Technology, Personnel, and the Accounting Bureau of the Department of Revenue and Finance. In introducing our new department, you outlined four goals of this consolidation: 1. Improve service to customers, 2. Save money, 3. Streamline, and 4. Enhance resource flexibility for state government managers. Launch of the new department signaled more than just the consolidation of state government infrastructure providers. It also marked the first large-scale rollout of entrepreneurial management, a business model characterized by a customer-focused approach to delivering services in a competitive marketplace. In entrepreneurial management organizations, business decisions are motivated by the desire to meet customer needs and by rewards or consequences for financial performance. We’re pleased to provide this Annual Report for your review and trust you will agree that entrepreneurial management in state government is a viable working concept and remains a valuable asset to Iowans.

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