Iowa Study on Adolescent Health by Vada L. Babcock, June 1982

(1982) Iowa Study on Adolescent Health by Vada L. Babcock, June 1982. Public Health, Department of (Health and Human Services, Department of)


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Adolescent health care may be defined as the coordination of comprehensive services needed by young people from the onset of puberty into the early adult years. Most required services may be provided through a primary health care network, which would be linked by formal agreements to other health, social, and welfare agencies in the community. It is necessary to have established resources for handling serious health problems, although the greater emphasis will be on preventive health services and health education. Services responsive to all phases of adolescent sexuality should be readily avail able to include family planning, pregnancy testing, prenatal care, treatment of sexually transmitted disease, and parenting. Other important services include: nutrition assessment and counseling, dental care, preventive mental health as well as special services needed for the handicapped adolescent.

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