The Race Equity Review Process, Approved by State Board of Education, April 12, 1990

(1990) The Race Equity Review Process, Approved by State Board of Education, April 12, 1990. Education, Department of


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Racial integration in schools and school programs, reinforces likeness and the common experiences children have rather than their differences. It provides the opportunity to learn from and about others and what they can do. Barriers which make it difficult for groups to live and work together are broken down. Behavior patterns that promote tolerance, respect and appreciation for diversity can be cultivated. Ultimately integrated education provides a model for and reinforces integration in society in general. None of these things occur in a segregated school or school programs and in fact their opposites are reinforced in a way that can be very harmful to children regardless of their racial group. In this age of increasing cultural diversity in our state and country, and our exploration of the frontiers of a global economy school integration will help our students develop a respect and appreciation of diversity as a strength rather than to fear it or see it as a problem.

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