A Report Card and Assessment of Iowa's School Finance Plan 1993-94 by George A. Chambers, November 5, 1993

(1993) A Report Card and Assessment of Iowa's School Finance Plan 1993-94 by George A. Chambers, November 5, 1993. Education, Department of


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Today I wish to share with you my thoughts regarding Iowa's current school finance plan. To do this I am electing to present a report card and an assessment. The only guarantee I make to you is that the comments represent my best thinking at this time and that all errors and omissions belong to George Chambers. The opinions expressed are mine--not those of ISE, nor The University of Iowa. I believe the time has come for all of us to speak out. I know that I have been too silent , too long. The seeming beautiful finance baby conceived in 1971, born on July 1, 1972, is now 21 years o l d and not in good health. The poor thing has undergone constant annual reconstructive surgery in Des Moines. The majority of corrective finance surgeons in the General Assembly has been well intentioned, but untrained. Many surgical procedures have been carried out without a diagnosis or knowledge of the real ailment. The potential outcomes resulting from the surgery too often have not been considered. New teams of untrained surgeons have arrived for duty each two years. They have cut, amputated, added, bled, transfused, mangled, and prescribed. Suffice it to say that the beautiful finance baby of 1972 is now 21 years of age, complex, complicated, confused, and not in good health. Worse, it has a killing cancer that is growing rapidly and one that too many have failed to detect.

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