Team Diversity


"A newsletter for and about Community Diversity Appreciation Teams"

"Noticias sobre los Grupos Comunitarios Fomentando Diversidad Cultural"

Volume 2, Number 2 211 E. Maple St., Des Moines, Iowa 50309-1858 May/June 1997


Purpose of Team Diversity Newsletter: To recognize the work of community diversity appreciation teams in Iowa and to share information about teams and diversity-related ideas and resources.


Working Teams:


Ames Diversity Appreciation Team

Sheila Lundt (515-239-5101)

Cedar Rapids Diversity Appreciation Team

Louise Lorenz (319-398-5036)

Cedar Valley Diversity Appreciation Team

Walter Reed (319-291-4441)

Charles City International Fellowship

Barb Hemann (515-228-1071)

Denison Cultural Diversity Committee

Lanetta Plambeck (712-263-2164) or

Coletta Weeda (712-263-4697)

Estherville Diversity Appreciation Team

Glenn Bohmer (712-362-3237)

Hampton Diversity Committee

Pat Sackville (515-456-5668)

Iowa City Diversity Appreciation Team

Heather Shank (319-356-5022)

Marshalltown Diversity Committee

Sandy Burke (515-294-9307)

Mason City Diversity Appreciation Team

Lionel Foster (515-421-3618)

Polk Co. Diversity Coalition

Barbara Hug (515-263-2660)

Quad Cities' Diversity and Racial Equity Roundtables/Bi-State Anti-Hate Response Team

Brenda Drew-Peeples (319-326-0717)

Racism/Race Relations Committee

Matt Boley and Connie Barrett (712-274-8678)

Siouxland Diversity Coalition

Matt Boley (712-258-5137)

Storm Lake Diversity Task Force

Dale Carver (712-732-6767)

Tama Co. Team for Intercultural Community

Bruce Leitz (319-266-1039) or

Clarence Lippert (515-484-4811)

Webster Co. Diversity Appreciation Team

Ed O'Leary (515-576-2201)

Siouxland Diversity Coalition

May 12, 1997

The meeting was called to order by Matt Boley, Chairperson. The minutes were accepted as printed. The Treasurer's Report shows a balance of $3,581.35 . . .

Diversity Workshop

The workshop has been re-scheduled for Saturday, September 6, 1997 at the Sioux City Convention Center. This is the weekend after Art Splash. The issue of publicity was discussed. Eloise, Maria and Matt will meet 1:30, Friday, May 23 at Mary Treglia Community House to put together a mailing list. Beth will send those she has to Matt. Others are asked to do the same. The goal is to put together a mailing list which reaches churches, schools, social service agencies, and others interested in diversity issues. Eloise will see about getting the list on FileMaker Pro . . .

There was also discussion about getting the local Asian community involved. It would be good to include some local talent. Beth will check on the Asian dancers from North High. Other coalition members are asked to get their ideas and contact names to Matt. We will need to revise the schedule and publicity to reflect these changes.

Maria and Laurie will check on the cost of having a banner made. Maria will check with Steve Avery and Laurie will check with Signs by Tomorrow. It was suggested that it be 6' x 2'.

Diversity Conference

Eloise will be attending The National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education May 28 - June 2 in Orlando, FL. She will be developing an in-service on diversity based on information and ideas from the conference. Possible places to present were solicited. Suggestions included the Sioux City Schools (Carol Israel) and Head Start Staff.

Study Circles

Dick reported that 131 letters were sent out. There are enough people for two Study Circles. One will begin Monday, June 9 and run for four sessions. The other will begin Tuesday, June 3 and finish June 24. Matt, Dick, Eloise and Connie will be meeting to work out the details Monday, May 19, 6:15.

Faces and Voices, October 21-22, 1997

Help! During the morning of the first day, Oct. 21, the Lt. Governor will ask Teams to report on diversity issues and programs in their communities. Teams will be given an opportunity to share their hopes, plans, and concerns with the Lt. Governor and with everyone else at the Conference. If your Team is interested in reporting your Team news, please contact Don Grove by Aug. 1 at 1-800-457-4416 ext. 1-8084.

Cedar Rapids

Diversity Appreciation Team Meeting

March 18, 1997

General discussion: It is important that this team move forward with activities such as participating in the Unity Walk, encourage education, and raise awareness of diversity within Cedar Rapids. Future projects could include videos and commercials. In the future, it will be necessary to look into monetary contributions from individuals, businesses, and government to subsidize projects.

Nelson Evans shared a list of questions regarding diversity. Leah Rodenberg shared her experience with the Des Moines Chamber Diversity Task Force. That team worked three years to prepare a diversity charter for chamber businesses to sign. When companies signed the charter it was a commitment to promoting diversity among their employees and customers. Steve Menzer commented that working with CR Chamber businesses would be a networking tool. Sean Rice shared his experience working with the employee diversity team at Aegon.

M. Doolin asked the team if the focus of projects should be directed toward community or business. The team would have to determine the outcome of each group . . .

Discussion centered on creating a mission/vision statement for the team. Members were encouraged to contribute comments or sentences regarding what a diversity team should project in Cedar Rapids. S. Menzner would like to include Linn County as part of our planning process. The rough draft statement: "Celebrate our community's rich and diverse population." At the next meeting, members will provide changes and/or additions to the statement.

The team will identify other diversity activities and events. Kathryn Coulter suggested a calendar including activities around the area and proclaiming 1998 as the "Year of Diversity." The team discussed the commitment of inclusion of all groups.

Planning committees: L. Rodenberg will chair a committee to coordinate two luncheons. A luncheon represented by business representatives and another luncheon with community representatives.

Nancy Fielder will work on creating a proclamation for a diversity day or month.

Diversity Team Conference?

In the next few months, the ICRC will have a fully-operational ICN classroom. The classroom will enable the ICRC to expand and improve its services, which means more workshops, especially in the schools, and more face-to-face investigations. With the new classroom, we could also facilitate a meeting or conference of all the Teams, at sites scattered throughout Iowa. Maybe we could make the conference an annual or semi-annual event. What do you think? Are you interested?

New Videos


"Free Indeed," a drama about racism that challenges white viewers to think about "white privilege" (23 mins).

"Blue Eyed," a workshop conducted by Jane Elliott who discriminates among Midwestern adults based on eye color (93 mins.).

"Skin Deep," a conversation involving a diverse group of college students about America's racial divide (53 mins.).

"Ethnic Notions," an award-winning documentary which takes viewers on a disturbing voyage through American history, tracing the evolution of deeply-rooted stereotypes which have fueled bigotry and prejudice (57 mins.).

"The Willmar 8," the story of eight women who launched America's longest bank strike to protest pay discrimination (50 mins.).

To borrow any of our many, excellent videos, call Carol Leach at 1-800-457-4416 ext. 1-8354.