Affirmative Action in State Government 1982-1985, 1985

(1985) Affirmative Action in State Government 1982-1985, 1985. Civil Rights Commission


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The concept of affirmative action means many things to many people. The mention of the term in our society is likely to stir debate. To some people, affirmative action appears to mean a quota system for minorities and women that unreasonably trammels the interests of whites and males. We continually hear that affirmative action is a system to grant preference to certain groups at the expense of others and that the time for affirmative action is either drawing to a close or has ended. From others we hear that affirmative action is a system to right the wrongs of previous generations. Because these wrongs continue to be felt across our land, we must develop a system to create a future equality even if it means that some innocent people may now have to suffer. In Iowa State Government we recognize that discrimination has taken place in our society since the very beginning of this nation. We also recognize that we, as state government employees, have a responsibility, both moral and legal, not to continue those policies and practices that tend to unfairly discriminate.

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