The Self-Sufficiency Project, Practice Manual by Marcia S. Allen, 1992

(1992) The Self-Sufficiency Project, Practice Manual by Marcia S. Allen, 1992. University of Iowa


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The Self-Sufficiency Project was a three-year demonstration and evaluation project funded by the Department of Health and Human Services and carried out by the National Resource Center on Family Based Services, University of Iowa School of Social Work (NRC) and the Oregon Children's Services Division, Douglas County Branch (CSD). The NRC was responsible for administering and evaluating the project. The target population for the project was "chronically neglecting" families--families referred repeatedly for allegations of child neglect and regarded as being at high risk of continued neglect. The primary goal was to intervene in patterns of neglectful behavior through empowerment-based practice. The core component of the Self-Sufficiency Project (SSP) was weekly group meetings consisting of adult groups, children's groups, a shared meal, and multiple-family therapy groups. Additional services such as in-home parenting, parent training classes, substance abuse treatment, and Headstart, were included in individualized service plans at the option of each family. Services were provided from July, 1989 through May, 1991, with additional time for project design and evaluation.

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