Fundamentals of State Finance, 1945

(1945) Fundamentals of State Finance, 1945. Management, Department of


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This is written for busy people who want to gain the maximum of information about the State's business in a minimum of time. Any business, whether public or private, in order to function must have income. Iowa State business, although public, is not conducted primarily to secure income. However, income is necessary that it may conduct its business to further the welfare of the people. Consequently, all business done by the State is everybody's business. The people through the ballot elect Senators and Representatives to act for them in the General Assembly to make laws to establish various business functions of the State. The General Assembly by law established institutions of learning under the State Board of Education, consisting of the State University, Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, State Teachers College, School for Blind, and the School for Deaf.

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