Grit Chambers and Sewage Screens. December 8, 1926

(1926) Grit Chambers and Sewage Screens. December 8, 1926. Iowa State University


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This booklet discusses the importance of using grit chambers and coarse screens for protective purposes; that is, to free the sewage entering the plant from such material as would injure pumps or other machinery, or interfere with the proper progressive treatment of the sewage. In other words, the grit chamber is designed to remove sand, stones, and similar heavy materials, while the coarse screen removes the large lighter material, such as sticks and rags. Either of these classes of matter would injure pumps or fine screens, and heavy mineral matter in any quantity hampers the digestion and pumping of the sludge, while the lighter material helps to form a floating scum which is to be avoided.

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Note: Engineering Extension Bulletin no. 84
Keywords: By: Green, Howard R; Contributor(s): Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. Engineering Extension Department; Sewage disposal plants; Sewage disposal
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