The Small Sewage-Treatment Plant, December 31, 1924

(1924) The Small Sewage-Treatment Plant, December 31, 1924. Iowa State University


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In far too many instances these small plants are considered to be perpetual-motion affairs which once started run on forever without let or hindrance; and great is the consternation when the factory fails to do what it was intended to accomplish. Until the factory owners and the factory managers realize that no sewa0·e-treatment plant is an automatic machine, we shall continue to have sad failures at our small treatment plants. Many of the small sewage treatment plants in Iowa do not require the full time of one man each to keep them in proper operating condition. This is one reason why most of them receive little or no attention, for it is not as easy to perform our occasional duties as it is to attend to those matters which are a part of our every-day tasks. However, if the small-plant operator will consider himself as a factory manager and will give his factory the careful if not continuous attention that any business. should have, he will find that it is much easier to obtain satisfactory results.

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