An Overview of Groundwater Quality in the Skunk River Basin, 1987

(1987) An Overview of Groundwater Quality in the Skunk River Basin, 1987. Natural Resources, Department of


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This report on the Skunk River basin is part of a cooperative agreement between the USDA-SCS and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources-Geological Survey Bureau (IDNR-GSB) designed to address some of these information needs for planning purposes. The Skunk River basin stretches from north-central Iowa to the southeast corner of the State, north of Keokuk, where the Skunk River joins the Mississippi River, and covers all or part of 21 Iowa counties. Geologic and groundwater quality data, focusing on nitrate (N03) analyses from private water supplies and depth to bedrock, were studied to determine if any contamination of the groundwater supplies has occurred which may be related to surficial activities, as in other parts of Iowa. shows the basin boundaries, counties, and the various towns that were used as sample centers for the statistical analysis of the nitrate analyses from private wells in the study area.

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