Child Abuse A Guide for Mandatory Reporters, March 1, 2020

(2020) Child Abuse A Guide for Mandatory Reporters, March 1, 2020. Human Services, Department of (Health and Human Services, Department of)


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Child abuse is not a new phenomenon. The abuse and neglect of children has been documented for more than two thousand years. However, attempts to prevent child abuse are relatively new. The first documented legal response to child abuse in the United States occurred in 1874. The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals pleaded in court to have an eight-year-old child removed from her abusive and neglectful environment. Since there were no child abuse laws, the Society argued that the child was, in fact, an animal, and should be provided the same protection as other animals. During the last few decades of the 1800s, societies to protect children from cruelty were formed in many states.

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