Differential Response System Overview, CY 2017

(2017) Differential Response System Overview, CY 2017. Human Services, Department of (Health and Human Services, Department of)


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The Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) began its Differential Response (DR) System in January 2014. The system consists of two pathways - Family Assessment (FA) and Child Abuse Assessment (CAA) - to respond to allegations of neglect and abuse. DR was instituted by the DHS based on child welfare research and best practices demonstrating that intakes involving the most serious allegations of abuse require shorter timeframes to ensure initial safety of children, need more involved family support services at the conclusion of a DHS assessment, and may also require legal action to ensure caregivers meet the needs of their children. Allegations found to involve families at lower risk for committing child abuse are separated from allegations that involve the most serious allegations of abuse. DR created the framework by which allegations of varying severity prompt an appropriately differentiated response. Changes made in the Iowa Administrative Code, which created the regulatory framework for the implementation of DR, impacted worker response times, the labeling of perpetrators and victims, and eligibility for contracted child welfare services. In addition, Code changes established a firm path for case reassignment from the FA pathway to CAA pathway in the event children are unsafe or only conditionally safe. These decisions were based on the premise that safety of a child is first and foremost in both a FA and CAA.

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