Success Stories from the CHNA & HIP 2012-2016 Final Reports, September 13, 2016

(2016) Success Stories from the CHNA & HIP 2012-2016 Final Reports, September 13, 2016. Public Health, Department of (Health and Human Services, Department of)

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During the last five years (2012-2016), local public health agencies, led by county boards of health, organized a collaborative effort to assess their counties’ health needs, prioritize them, and then mobilize stakeholders to take action. On the average, 198 people outside the local public health agencies took part in the Community Health Assessment and Health Improvement Planning (CHNA & HIP) process through such activities as participating in meetings and responding to surveys. As a culmination of this planning and implementation initiative, the agencies submitted a brief description of one success story to the Iowa Department of Public Health. The stories revealed that CHNA & HIP has been firmly planted in many counties; a number of ongoing community groups and coalitions were formed to become part of an essential planning infrastructure. Although there was wide variation, the top success stories related to obesity/nutrition/physical activity, substance abuse, and mental health. Documenting progress, establishing clinics/health centers, and changing policies were among the reported achievements.

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