Together We Can: Coping With a Suicide Loss, December 19, 2019

(2019) Together We Can: Coping With a Suicide Loss, December 19, 2019. Veterans Affairs, Iowa Commission of


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Sadly, many people — including Veterans, service members, and their families — know someone who died by suicide. Coping with death is hard. It can be especially hard when a loss is untimely and traumatic, as with suicide. As you grieve, it’s normal to have intense and distressing thoughts and emotions, such as denial, anger, sadness, and loneliness. But with suicide, you may also struggle to understand why that person took their own life. You may worry that you missed a warning sign. As a survivor, you may feel guilt. You may feel shame about how the person died and find it hard to discuss your pain with others. And these thoughts and feelings may last a long time, change over time, and resurface on holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays.

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