The State of the Judiciary, 2016

(2016) The State of the Judiciary, 2016. Judicial Branch


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The judicial branch is also working towards expanding access to court documents. With statewide electronic filing, court users and the public have more access than ever before to their court documents. Attorneys and parties to a case can access their documents at any time, even when the courthouse is closed. The public and the media can access electronic court documents from public computers in the courthouse where the case is filed. While electronic filing has expanded access for all people by eliminating the need to share paper files, the public and media do not have access from their own computers. The judicial branch is committed to being open and transparent, but access to court records is not just a matter of public convenience. Court records must remain safe and secure, and confidential information about Iowans contained in court records must remain private. It is expensive and time-consuming to expand online access to our secure court records, but we are working to find solutions that balance necessary security and convenience.

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