State of Iowa HIV and AIDS Surveillance Report,June 2005

(2005) State of Iowa HIV and AIDS Surveillance Report,June 2005. Human Services, Department of (Health and Human Services, Department of)


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This quarter, we saw 17 HIV diagnoses, half the number of persons diagnosed in the first quarter of the year. For the two quarters, there were 50 diagnoses, keeping pace with last year’s number of diagnoses. Nineteen of the 50 (38%) received concurrent AIDS diagnoses. Of concern this year is the high number of persons reported without a risk. Over 40% of new cases were initially reported without a risk. Most of these cases are being investigated by disease prevention specialists. History shows us that a good proportion of these cases will be assigned to a risk category in the coming months as more is learned about their risks and the risks of their partners. Note that only 17% of cases diagnosed in 2004 remain without a known risk. There were 36 AIDS diagnoses in the first two quarters of 2005, just a bit ahead of what we saw last year. Fifteen of these were persons who had been diagnosed with HIV at least one year (fifteen years for two persons), and the rest received concurrent HIV and AIDS diagnoses.

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