Use of State Funds to Improve Public Education in Iowa prepared by Hartsel M. Perry, 1961

(1961) Use of State Funds to Improve Public Education in Iowa prepared by Hartsel M. Perry, 1961. Education, Department of


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To improve our educational system, the people of Iowa have voted "Yes" for school district reorganization.. The increasing number of children to be educated in Iowa, the mounting cost of instruction and operation, and the need for additional and improved facilities command the attention of all citizens. The increased costs compel one to tale a look at the sources of revenue available for providing a good educational system. As late as 1940, practically all revenues for education were derived from the property tax.. As the cost of living has in,creased during the past 20 years;. the increased local effort required to provide a· good education has nearly reached the point of saturation. Property tax can no longer provide the major source of revenue for financing our school.s. Therefore, the answer is surely financial assistance at the state level. Hany studies of support for schools have been made during the last 20 years. All of these studies have reached one common conclusion-... that the financial support of public education should be a shared responsibility of local revenue and state revenue if all the children in the State of Iowa. are to be afforded an adequate educational program.

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