2017 Iowa Bill Drafting Guide

(2017) 2017 Iowa Bill Drafting Guide. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

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This bill drafting guide is issued by the Legislative Services Agency. It is intended to serve as a guide for the proper preparation of bills, resolutions, and amendments to be introduced and considered by the Iowa General Assembly. Bills, resolutions, and amendments prepared pursuant to the guidelines contained in this document will, nevertheless, be reviewed by the Legislative Services Agency and the Legal Counsel of the house where the bills, resolutions, and amendments are intended to be introduced. This guide has been developed for use by bill drafters of the Legislative Services Agency, the two houses of the General Assembly, and other persons who prepare legislation for consideration by the General Assembly. The guide, when properly followed, should enable a person to place in proper form any bill, resolution, or amendment for introduction or filing in the General Assembly. However, it should be kept in mind that the house of introduction is the final judge as to the adequacy of the preparation of a bill, resolution, or amendment and a designated officer of the house of introduction will make a determination as to the adequacy of a bill, resolution, or amendment before it is allowed to be introduced or filed. This bill drafting guide will also serve as a guide for persons attempting to read and understand a bill, resolution, or amendment. The use of uniform guidelines are necessary to accomplish this objective. The bill drafting guide was also used as the basis for developing computer programs for the drafting and redrafting of bills, resolutions, and amendments, and for the codification of new law. Because the computer programs have been developed on the basis of the bill drafting guide, it is essential that the form and style recommended in the bill drafting guide be followed very closely.

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