Tillage Manure Managemen and Water Quality, April 2005

(2005) Tillage Manure Managemen and Water Quality, April 2005. Iowa State University


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Tillage and manure application practices significantly impact surface and ground water quality in Iowa and other Midwestern states. Tillage and manure application that incorporates residue and disturbs soil result in higher levels of soil erosion and surface runoff. Phosphorus and sediment loading are closely linked to the increase in soil erosion and surface water runoff. Manure application (i.e., injection or incorporation) reduces surface residue cover, which can worsen soil erosion regardless of the tillage management system being used. An integrated system approach to manure and tillage management is critical to ensure effi cient nutrient use and improvement of soil and water quality. This approach, however, requires changes in manure application technology and tillage system management to ensure the success of an integrated

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