Welcoming New Iowans; A Guide for Christians and Churches, 2002

(2002) Welcoming New Iowans; A Guide for Christians and Churches, 2002. University of Northern Iowa

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Immigrant and refugee newcomers have an important role in Iowa. These newcomers have revitalized many Iowa communities, workplaces and faith-based institutions. The arrival of immigrants and refugees poses challenges as well as rewards; understanding and addressing these issues is vital to welcoming and accommodating new Iowans and assuring their part in the long-term economic and social health of our state. This handbook represents a unique collaboration between the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) and Ecumenical Ministries of Iowa (EMI). The goal of this collaboration is to create a guidebook for Iowans to learn more about Iowa’s growing immigrant and refugee population and discover ways to welcome these newcomers and accommodate them in our communities and churches. The unique nature of this joint publication between a public university and Christian churches acknowledges that both institutions have a stake in accommodating immigrants in Iowa. UNI and all institutions of higher education need to support population growth to assure future enrollments. Churches and many other community institutions need immigrants and other newcomers to help maintain their viability. Universities and churches also need healthy local economies. Newcomers can provide much needed skills and labor to make this happen. In short, His collaboration recognizes that making immigration in Iowa work has important long-term implications for us all. This book was written and compiled by two university faculty members, but it is not an official university endorsement of Christianity as the only religion practiced and accepted by Iowans, and no university funds were used to print or distribute this handbook. This handbook is written for Iowa’s Christian community and is based on the Biblical mandate to welcome newcomers, but we acknowledge Iowa’s other religious groups and their role in accommodating newcomers as well. We readily acknowledge that other faith-based organizations also welcome newcomers and have a stake in making immigration a positive experience. In order to accommodate the perspectives and needs of these groups, the UNI New Iowans Program is planning to develop similar handbooks for Iowa’s Jewish and Muslim communities. This handbook includes a number of resource lists for individuals, newcomers, churches and others. Of course, as soon as these lists are printed, they may become out-of-date. In order to obtain the most up-to-date information, please visit the UNI New Iowans Web site: www.bcs.uni.edu/idm/newiowans/ The UNI New Iowans website also makes this handbook available in a PDF format.

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