1323-011 Little Lick Creek Watershed Project Final Report

(2018) 1323-011 Little Lick Creek Watershed Project Final Report. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

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Little Lick Creek is a 14,600 acre priority sub watershed located in Van Buren County. It is one of three Subwatersheds that make up the greater 51,810 acre Lick Creek Watershed (Attachment 8). It is not a 303(d) listed waterbody. However land use activities in this sub-watershed contribute to the deteriorated condition of the Des Moines River and Gulf of Mexico. Little Lick Creek watershed is intensively row-cropped with a predominate rotation of corn and soybeans. Significant soil erosion from these acres causes non-point source pollution in the Creek. Excessive soil loss and sedimentation chokes vital spawning habitat and feeding areas, impacting fish and other aquatic wildlife. The nutrients that are lost to the Des Moines River and contributing to the Gulf Hypoxic impairment stem from the phosphorous that is bound to the eroded soil as well as nitrogen loss which is inherent in the lack of active roots during the fall and spring seasons. The Van Buren SWCD is making this request to partner with the WIRB to achieve 39% of its long-term goals for Grade Stabilization, 20% for Sediment Basins and 14% Cover Crops. The SWCD will prioritize State Cost Share (IFIP) dollars for Terraces which will help achieve 75% of its goal over this three year project. Additional funding partners include landowners, NRCS-EQIP, SIDCA, Van Buren County, and Pheasants Forever. A total of 830 priority acres will be treated and 6,112 tons of sediment and 7,945 lbs. of phosphorous will be trapped by this project.

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