The Metric System, 1974

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Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts sponsor of the Metric Bill of 1866 stated that, "they who have already passed a certain period of life may not adopt it, but the rising generation will embrace it and ever afterward number it among the choicest possessions of an advanced civilization." Unfortunately, over 100 years after adoption of this bill the United States is the only large country in the world not using the metric system in all areas of measurement. The time is rapidly approaching when Federal law will dictate that the International System of Units (SI) be the system of measurement in the United States. A conclusion which resulted from the United States Metric Study Report was that for the United States metrication is a decision Whose time has come. Without question the words, THINK METRIC should occupy a meaningful and highpriority position in the minds of all Americans and participation in the metrication process by young and old alike should proceed in an orderly manner in the years ahead.

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