Dependent Adult Abuse: Don't ignore the Facts!, August 1990

(1990) Dependent Adult Abuse: Don't ignore the Facts!, August 1990. Human Services, Department of (Health and Human Services, Department of)

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“Dependent adult” abuse allegations involve people who are aged 18 or over and are incapable of adequate self care due to physical or mental conditions and require assistance from other people. Dependent adults may be elderly or may have diminished physical or mental capacities that prevent them from meeting their own needs adequately. Researchers estimate that only 1 in 14 incidents of elder abuse actually come to the attention of law enforcement or human service agencies. Elder abuse is one of the most under-recognized and under-reported social problems in the United States. It is far less likely to be reported than child abuse because of the lack of public awareness. Nationally, it is estimated that over 55% of elder abuse is due to self-neglect. Such abuse can happen anywhere … in private homes, at health care facilities and in the community at large. Iowa has an increasing proportion of people who are aged 60 or over. The number of persons 80 or over is increasing more rapidly than any other age group. Iowa’s proportion of older adults in the population exceeds that of the United States as a whole.

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