1206-004 Dry Run Creek Watershed: Baker Hall Bioretention Cell Final Report

(2015) 1206-004 Dry Run Creek Watershed: Baker Hall Bioretention Cell Final Report. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

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The Dry Run Creek Watershed received a biological impairment in 2002 after sampling conducted by the Department of Natural Resources revealed a lack in the diversity and abundance of aquatic life along a 2.8 mile reach of stream along the Southwest Branch. Among the primary stressors identified were hydrologic change, increased storm sewer inputs, lack of available habitat, and sedimentation. Goals put forth by the Watershed Management Plan and the preliminary Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study center around the reduction in storm sewer inputs. The goal set forth by the TMDL is the reduction of connected impervious surface (CIS) to 10% in each of the creek’s subwatersheds as a surrogate for other stressors. Grant funding is being sought for the construction of one 3,100 ft2 bioretention cell to treat the first flush of runoff from a parking lot totaling 1.26 acres. The practice proposed would treat 90% of annual rainfall from 1.26 acres, or roughly 94,854 cubic feet of stormwater (2.17 acre feet) and reduce the annual runoff by 81, 217 cubic feet of stormwater. In addition, a monitoring program will continue to be coordinated through a partnership with the Department of Natural Resources IOWATER program and locally led volunteer efforts which will allow progress to be tracked. Funding for administration, outreach and assessment will be provided through existing 319 grants. Implementation of these practices will occur in phases over the course of a two year period.

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