Project social studies; a directory, 1969

(1968) Project social studies; a directory, 1969. Education, Department of

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The Anthropology Curriculum Project develops and tests instructional materials in anthropology for pupil and teacher use in grades 1-7. The materials are developed on the assumption that any field of knowledge, such as anthropology, consists of a system of concepts, or word labels, which are used to express ideas and describe relationships. An understanding or mastery of any field of knowledge begins with an understanding of the concept system, the meaning of which expands and develops as the knowledge of the discipline is extended. Material is developed in a primary cycle, grades 1 through 3, and an intermediate cycle, grades 4 through 7. Concepts developed in an introductory manner in the primary cycle are repeated and enlarged in the intermediate cycle. The intermediate cycle, however, may be used independently.

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