Elementary Education in Missouri Public Schools, 1968

(1968) Elementary Education in Missouri Public Schools, 1968. Education, Department of

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As we pass the middle of the decade of the sixties and speed toward the seventies,. Missouri citizens are faced with responsibilities for the education of their elementary and secondary school children. Never have Missouri citizens provided so many dollars for education and never have they faced the task of providing effective education for so many children. In the face of increasing enrollments and increasing costs of public education, Missouri citizens and educators are faced with the task of achieving the most efficient means of utilizing their resources, financial and human resources, to the purpose or providing the best possible education for their children. Although economic efficiency may mean many things, it means, at the very least, the organization of educational units best suited to the task at hand. Few data are available on which to base the size of the effective and efficient unit. None-·the-·less, the task must be feed in the interests of children. It shall be the task of this paper to.study the distribution of elementary school children in Missouri school districts, to describe a sound program for Missouri elementary schools, and to attempt to relate the first a purposes to one another.

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