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There can be little question that we are living in a drug oriented society. The attendant problems of abuse are as widespread as the substances themselves, from the pill infested medicine chest to the ten year old Heroin addict. In the past several years not only the number of substances being abused, but also the number of people abusing substances, has increased dramatically. Law enforcement agencies and officials at all levels of government are continuing to significantly increase efforts to control the illicit supply of substances subject to abuse. Frequently these efforts can be key ingredients to successful community efforts. curtailment of supply often pressures the user towards rehabilitation and treatment programs, while removing the easy opportunity to experiment for many others--which gives our educational efforts time to be effective.In the past several years various modalities of educational and preventative efforts have been undertaken with varying degrees of success. While it is true that anyone playing with these substances should be scared, it is also apparent that fear alone is not sufficient to prevent the spread of Drug Abuse. It is also obvious that facts alone are not sufficient·, witness the anomaly of cigarette smokers sitting down to read the Surgeon General's report on how they are slowly killing themselves. Educational programs, utilizing special programs, assemblies, films and speakers all help, but they also are not sufficient. There just is no one easy answer, no instant solution. The problems of Drug Abuse are complex, often being referred to as Socio-Medical in nature. Most problems, complex or otherwise, are solved one step at a time. In this very limited sense the problems are similar to those faced by society in the past. There are more differences than similarities, and our response to the problems must take those differences into account if we hope to be successful. There is a clear and definite need for action. The addict must be treated, the experimenter or non user educated, and the seller prosecuted. In response to these needs and the fact that we can not afford unnecessary duplication, the Drug Abuse Authority has been created. It is essential that long range planning include well thought out comprehensive plans which effectively utilize local resources in such a manner as to insure continued viability of programs. It is our hope that these materials will serve as a guide to interested and involved citizens in establishing programs designed to meet the specific needs of their community. Specific information with regard to some local individuals to be contacted if you are now, or intend to be, involved in the field of drug abuse programming in Iowa, is listed in the appendices. These people are invaluable local resources that no one is in a position to ignore. There no city, no town and no family that is safe from the creeping cancer of Drug Abuse and we must communicate concerning problems and new ideas among ourselves if we are to have any chance of success.

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