1243-020 Fox River Watershed Final Report

(2016) 1243-020 Fox River Watershed Final Report. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

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Fox River Watershed was started in 1999 to help support grass roots conservation and water quality protection efforts within the watershed. In 2010 the watershed received the Outstanding Watershed Award from the Conservation Districts of Iowa and the Division of Soil Conservation. To date over $3,500,000 million dollars has been spent in the watershed to improve the quality. There continues to be tremendous landowner support and interest in the 17 highest priority subwatersheds of this three county project, with a back log of applications for cost share assistance. Current funding from a WIRB project that is winding down and a DNR319 grant that has ended has been utilized to address the ammonia nitrogen impairment. Since 2009 The IDALS-DSC WSPF/WPF grant program has been utilized to address sediment delivery from sheet and rill and gully erosion within a separate but somewhat overlapping subset of targeted subwatersheds (Attachment 7) however, additional funding is needed to continue addressing water resource concerns, further our water quality protection efforts and reach project goals within the Fox River watershed. Project work items include grade stabilization structures, water and sediment control basins, terraces, and cover crops. Cover crops are emerging as an accessory to many landowners as a way to improve soil productivity and reduce erosion as well as increase forage available for livestock needs. The FRED Board sees this as a cost effective opportunity to reach a new audience within Fox River priority area.

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