Iowa Budget Report, Dept of Revenue Budgets, 2017

(2016) Iowa Budget Report, Dept of Revenue Budgets, 2017. Revenue, Department of


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The core functions of the Iowa Department of Revenue consist of, and are generally described, as follows: REVENUE COMPLIANCE AND COLLECTION is the most visible portion of our operations. This function includes educating taxpayers - our customers - on tax laws and regulations, processing tax returns and related documents, and collecting taxes and other amounts due, all in compliance with Iowa's tax laws. It is under this umbrella that the Department conducts its taxpayer examination and audit programs, and resolves disputed tax issues. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE provides support to local governments. This function is responsible for administering just and uniform property assessments across the state. It also administers programs for property tax relief, local option sales tax, and school infrastructure sales tax. RESEARCH, ANALYSIS, AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT provides tax policy development and analysis, fiscal impact estimation, and economic and statistical research and analysis to help customers, stakeholders, and policymakers make informed decisions. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT provides internal infrastructure support of the Department's operations, including technology development and support, personnel management, and budgeting.

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