Iowa Budget Report, Dept of Corrections Budgets, 2017

(2016) Iowa Budget Report, Dept of Corrections Budgets, 2017. Corrections, Department of


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The Department of Corrections is an agency within the executive branch of state government. The department is responsible for administration of the nine institutions forming the state prison system as well as accreditation and funding of the eight district departments of correctional services to administer community-based corrections in the state. Community-based corrections encompasses pretrial, presentence investigation, probation, parole, special sentence supervision for sex offenders, and operates residential correctional facilities for offenders including work release and drunken driving treatment programs. Currently the corrections system employs over 3,800 staff, has custody over more than 8,100 offenders in prison, and supervises over 30,000 offenders in the community. Institutions and districts work together to provide seamless custody and supervision of offenders including case planning and treatment to reduce offender recidivism and promote offender reentry into their communities. In order to most effectively carry out its mission, resources are focused toward individuals most likely to reoffend, and activities are focused on continuous improvement of offender reentry. In this way the department contributes to public safety and crime reduction, promotes offender accountability, makes responsible use of taxpayer dollars and provides quality services.

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