Iowa Budget Report, Auditor of State Budgets, 2017

(2016) Iowa Budget Report, Auditor of State Budgets, 2017. Auditor of State


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The functions and duties of the Attorney General are to: 1. Prosecute and defend all cases in the appellate courts in which the state is a party or interested. 2. Prosecute and defend in any other court or tribunal, all actions and proceedings, civil or criminal in which the state may be a party or interested, when, in his judgment the interest of the state requires such action, or when requested to do so by the Governor, Executive Council or General Assembly. 3. Prosecute and defend all actions and proceedings brought by or against any state officer in their official capacity. 4. Give his opinion in writing, when requested, upon all questions of law submitted to him by the General Assembly or by either house thereof, or by any state officer, elective or appointive. 5. Represent state agencies in administrative proceedings in which they have an interest. 6. Provide for the administration of the Iowa Uniform Commercial Credit Code. 7. Provide for the administration and enforcement of the Iowa Consumer Fraud Act. 8. Administer the legal services for persons in poverty grant program. 9. Administer programs that benefit victims of crime. 10. Carry out all statutory duties of the Attorney General.

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