Sexuality & Aging: Debunking the Myths

(2016) Sexuality & Aging: Debunking the Myths. Aging, Department of (Elder Affairs, Department of)

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As the American population continues to grow older, aging and sexuality has become a frequent topic of discussion. Specifically, questions have been raised about if and how older adults experience sexual desire; how dementia and other age-related health issues impact an individual’s ability to express desire for and consent to sexual acts; and whether older adults forfeit their right to intimacy once they move into a long-term care facility. By federal law, individuals residing in long-term care are afforded multiple rights, many of which are relevant to sexuality. These rights include but are not limited to: the rights to privacy, confidentiality, dignity and respect; the right to make independent choices; and the right to choose visitors and meet in a private location. The OSLTCO strives to preserve these rights by promoting attitudes of awareness, acceptance, and respect of sexual diversity.

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