Development of a Coldwater Benthic Index in Iowa

(2012) Development of a Coldwater Benthic Index in Iowa. Natural Resources, Department of


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Benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages do not appear to differ as markedly between coldwater and warmwater streams (in Iowa, at least) as do fish assemblages, and to our knowledge no parallel evaluation of benthic macroinvertebrate communities in coldwater streams has been conducted. What is known is that many taxa are exclusively collected in coldwater environments and are considered “rare” in Iowa from a biogeographical perspective. While the warmwater BMIBI has generally proven to work well as a diagnostic tool for Iowa’s streams, the streams of Iowa’s Paleozoic Plateau tend to group in the “excellent” to “good” qualitative rating categories. The streams of this area tend to be more ecologically intact than other areas of the state; however, there are some artifacts of the current warmwater BMIBI (most specifically metric scoring related to watershed size) that skew IBI values higher. Our objective is to develop a Coldwater Benthic Index (CBI) which will provide a more accurate assessment of streams classified, or potentially classifiable, as coldwater.

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Keywords: coldwater, benthic, index, macroinvertebrate, CBI, BMIBI, limnology, state hygienic laboratory, biotic integrity
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